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Hey Tom,
Your apparent emotional level climbed up and up as you wrote....

I'm thinking that they were going blindly about their own thing without regard for the existing community. They started last year with a dance in the spring and the second on July 2. Your first Impromptu dance was on July 1 at Crane. November 5 was the first one of theirs I heard about. I forwarded their schedule to you at that time. It did not include the February dance, but it did have the January 7 dance at the Grange. On November 2 they announced their December 3 dance. By then you had regular impromptu dances running on Fridays. You scheduled your first Saturday dance on December 17. On December 23, you scheduled your January 7 dance, well after they did, so it's possible that they are "retaliating" with both the February 4 and the March 25 dances, both of which were already scheduled, but one with a TBA location. I would like to think they simply did not bother to do any checking, but went about blindly doing their own thing. I prefer not to attribute "malice" to actions that could be explained by just plain "stupidity". But then I've lead a sheltered life.

Did you send Susan a copy of your email?

At 2006-02-01 18:20 Wednesday, you wrote:


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