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The mission of the Ballroom Dance Calendar is to let people know where they can go ballroom dancing in Western Massachusetts and the New York Capital District area and the close surrounding area.. In support of this mission we list area dances that are open to the general public.


  • Closed dance clubs which require membership are not eligible for listing, as they do not meet the "open to the general public" restriction.
  • Workshops or specialized instruction events that are really not dances are not included in the dance calendar, but they may be news.
  •  Regular area dance instructors can be listed on the instructor's page; one-time events may be included on our news page.
  • "Invitation only" or "we reserve the right to refuse admission" qualifiers are deemed discriminatory, and events so qualified are not eligible for listing.
    (This does not preclude enforcing a pre-advertised dress-code or turning away singles at a dance that was advertised for couples only.) 
  • We reserve the right to reformat and edit submissions to conform to the look and feel of this site. 


Every effort is made to keep this ballroom dance calendar as up-to-date and as accurate as possible, but, just like the map is not the territory, it is not always possible.  We are not always kept up to date, and we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.  Please confirm with the individual dance sites prior to committing resources or making long trips.

Information for listings

If you plan to have an eligible ballroom dance in our region and wish to have it listed on the calendar, please include a description of the dance, additional information (refreshments, demonstrations, etc.), special instructions, contact information (include\ an email address and a telephone number), etc.  Do not include promotions or advertisements for other events not included in the admission price of the dance. Lessons prior to the dance that are included in the price of the dance may be listed in the description, but not if there is a separate price for the dance without the lessons. It is permissible to state that lessons precede the dance.   Use complete sentences and proper punctuation. Minimize the use of abbreviations. Do not duplicate information appearing elsewhere on the page in the description. No advertisements or promotions are permitted for anything that is not included in the price of admission to the dance other than the availability a cash bar or equivalent.  Click here for a template listing the required information; there is an email link on the template page.

Links to sites that specialize in listing Swing, Latin, and Tango dances can be added  in the appropriate area or on our links page.

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