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Since 1997 I have provided this public service website as a free service to the dance community. Free services to you, our users, is not free to me. The maintenance of this site requires a lot of work in addition to such obvious expenses as internet service, domain registration and hosting, maintenance of the computers, software, and backups, as well as hours and hours of editing web pages, researching news, and other time consuming tasks.  I've been doing this for eighteen years now.  The task has grown from a small list just in Berkshire County and Albany to include the surrounding areas.  I've added the popular related social dances Swing, Latin, and Tango. To help people get out and dance, I list group lessons, private instructors, and much more.. It all takes time and resources.  Now I need some help.

If you use this site regularly; if this site lists your dance events or has a link to your own website; if this site lists you as an instructor or list group lessons, you should consider a small donation periodically, more if your information is frequently changing. I am still going to keep this site as free as possible as a source of information to dancers and potential dancers. Those are the people who need to know and who are the clients of dance sponsors, dance teachers, and other dance service and product providers.

Here is some recent usage data.  Note that nearly half our visits are from returning users.  That's a lot of potential publicity for our dance service providers.

This is a lot of valuable "free" advertisement for dance sponsors and instructors. It's time for regular providers and users to help keep alive and well.  I have setup a link you can use to donate using Paypal (or a credit card), or you can just send some small donation to me at the address below.

"How much?", some ask... These are only suggestions; the amount is up to you.

If you visit more than once a month and find useful information, you might consider $5 per year. 

If you list yourself as an instructor offering private lessons, you might consider: $10 per year, more if you have a group lessons page, and even more if you expect your group lesson page information to be frequently updated.

If you have regular dance events listed, you might consider $10-$15 per year, more if your page needs to be changed often, and even more if you have multiple regular dances.

Voluntary contributions can go a long way towards keeping this site free of any regular charges. You can just mail some small donation to me at the address below (payable to Ralph Kenyon [for]).

Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr., 191 White Oaks Road Williamstown, MA 01267-2259, Phone: 413-458-3597 mobile: 413-281-1969
If you prefer to use an on-line method, you can donate using PayPal or a credit card to my PayPal account. (They take a cut of all transactions.) (using PayPal or a credit card).
Thank you, and . . .  Keep on Dancing!

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