Lesson genre codes and descriptions

code description BACK
for International styles
AR American Rhythm
AS American Smooth
AT Argentine Tango
BA Bachata
B Bolero
bg Ballroom general - may include any or all American ballroom smooth, Latin, and swing partner dances
Ca Caribbean: Merengue-Salsa
CS Carolina Shag
CC Cha Cha
C2 Country Two-step
CZ Country Waltz
CW Country Western
EC East Coast Swing
FT American Foxtrot
FC Floor Craft in Standard & Smooth
G General - may include any social partner dance
H Hustle
IL International Latin
IC International Latin Cha Cha
IR International Latin Rumba
IB International Latin Samba
IS International Standard (W-FT-T-QS-VW)
IF International Standard Foxtrot
IT International Standard Tango
IW International Standard Waltz
JB Jitterbug (Single time fast Swing)
J Jive
L Latin - may include any Latin dance
LH Lindy Hop
M Mambo
Me Merengue
N2 Nightclub Two-step
NL No Lesson this date
ns Not Specified
ng Scheduled start of next group series
O open - depends on participants and instructor
PD Paso Doble
Pb Peabody
P Polka
QS Quickstep
R Rumba
Sl Salsa
SM Salsa & Merengue
Sm Samba
Sd Slow Dance
S Smooth (American: W-FT-T-VW)
Sw Swing (East Coast)
sr American Smooth and Rhythm dances
sp Supervised Practice
T Tango (American style)
tq technique
ta Technique for American Styles
ti Technique for International styles
V Argentine Tango Vals
VW Viennese Waltz
VW Viennese Waltz
W Waltz (American style)
WC West Coast Swing
W Waltz (American style)
WC West Coast Swing
Z Zydeco
Z Zydeco

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