about our email list

Our email list comes from active subscribers (those who ask to subscribe) to our list, persons who actively communicate with us, sponsors of dance in our area, those who offer lessons in our area, those who participate in our area dance partners listing, those who offer some other dance related activity listed by us, those who have a link to their website on our site, or whose email address was provided to us by a dance related source, including unsolicited emails.. Persons listed will be sent an approximately annual reminder that we have their listing on file.  Such persons are presumed to have some interest or relation to ballroom (and related) dance activities, including bands, instructors, banquet facilities where dances may be held, etc.

We maintain a list of "bad" email addresses and a list of "remove" email addresses. For any email that comes back rejected due to problems with the email address, that email address is added to the bad list and removed from the active list.  Similarly, for any removal requests, the email address is added to the remove list and removed from the active list. All new acquisitions are bounced against the bad and remove list, and any addresses on those lists are purged from the new acquisitions prior to being used.  Also, whenever a mailing is sent to the list, all bad returns and any removal requests are processed prior to the list being used again.

Please note: the vast majority of our effort goes into keeping the website up-to-date. Our email list gets exercised rarely - perhaps once a year or so, and it is never rented, sold, or otherwise disclosed. We do not re-mail announcements. Selective announcements will be placed on our news page.

The following situations require that a valid email be available on file:  Reciprocal link exchange, publication of a dance or dance lesson on our site; use of our partners list. failure to maintain a valid email on file will result in the removal of any links or activities.

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