Steve Dessereau

 Pittsfield & Albany 518-434-4941

Steve moved from Pittsfield to Albany in 1975 where he answered an add for the Arthur Murray Dance Studio and became a dance teacher instead of continuing his education in design and arts. "I worked in the Albany studio, then located on the corner of State and Pearl Streets, for the next four years."

"Although Arthur Murray started my training, it was not until I broke out on my own that I specialized in leading and following techniques, believing that most students want to learn to dance socially and not to compete."

"I've trained with numerous champions over the years but found few champions or teachers trained in true leading and following techniques. I continued my own training by taking self courses in adult psychology to understand why every adult student seemed to make the same type of errors when learning to dance."

Although I still do exhibition work with my students now and then, my real goal is to teach my students the language of social dancing and to show them how to turn patterns or "school figures" into motion, letting the music guide them.

I now teach four days a week in my home in Loudonville, and three days a week in Pittsfield, currently at the Berkshire Music School.

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