Erick Singleman's Group Lessons


Erick Singleman 24 Colvin Avenue Albany NY 518-265-5297
day date time dance level minutes price
Sunday Starting January 2,
every other week
14:00 smooth dance technique All* 90 $15
15:45 rhythm dance technique 90 $15
*For beginners with some knowledge through advanced dancers. Over the course of these seminars we will cover techniques that influence the aesthetic as well as the functional (executing the step) part of a particular figure or sequence. We will build sequences. We will alter the timing for affect. We will cover syncopations. We will learn the specific characteristics of each dance, and how to accentuate our movement to correspond with these characteristics. And you will have internet access to printable detailed notes that will be prepared for each seminar. Both seminars for $20. Please reserve ahead.


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