Ballroom Essentials Group Lessons

instructor address city state phone email
Ralph Kenyon 191 White Oaks Road Williamstown MA 413-458-3597 .
day date time dance level minutes price
Thursday pending 19:30 ballroom technique 90 $10
This will be an ongoing workshop concentrating on technique and style featuring the basic steps and a few more advanced figures. We will spend several weeks on each genre before moving on to another dance genre. This is a chance to learn technique and to improve your overall comfort and appearance. We will begin by reviewing the basic movements, steps, and figures with attention to detail for proper technique, footwork, posture, holds, lead and follow, fall and rise, sway, Latin motion, figure sequencing, terminology, etc., and finish each dance genre with a couple of more advanced figures or sequences. This series will help you become better leaders, better followers, look more elegant, feel more confident, and more.. Classes are held in my home studio in Williamstown, and enrollment is limited. Classes are pending sufficient registrations.

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