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Sunday 6:30-10:15 Albany NY Polish Community Center on Rapp Road SOS $10
October 26
November 23
December 28
January 25


Community Ballroom Dance

This dance is open to the general public, including married and singles. Well organized CD music selected by Gary Burgess is played. At most dances there is a special dance demonstration arranged by Cristy Kim and performed by various professional and amateur dancers. There are usually two mixers - a grand march mixer featuring waltz and foxtrot, and, after the demonstration, a snowball mixer featuring the dance of the demonstration or other spot dances. The dance is frequented by regular ballroom dance singles and couples from students to experts. You don't need to bring a partner, as there are always enough singles and partners willing to share for everyone to dance. There is an included dance lesson from 6:30 until 7. A cash bar is available for beverages and light snacks. For more information call 518-452-6883 or Singles Outreach Services.
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