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Third Friday Studio Practice Dance

These dances have two rooms with floating wood floors. One room has Latin and swing, and the other has a DJ who plays ballroom, Latin and swing music. We feature Diane Lachtrupp and Johnny Martinez. The swing and Latin Room room is 27x14, and the DJ Room is 18x27.  Refreshments are included in the price of admission. For more information Dave Wolf or call 518-587-5132.

Note: the ratings for this site are not as straightforward as other sites, because the dance area is broken down into two smaller rooms playing different styles, and people wander from room to room. The overall attendance is 30, and, due to movement and clustering, the dancability may be less or more from room to room. The larger room is devoted to "DJ", and the smaller to swing and Latin. Smaller sized rooms are less conducive to traveling dances such as quickstep, foxtrot, and waltz.

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