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Dance to the music of the Premier Swing Band, an eight piece jazz combo featuring popular ballroom dance tunes from the 1930's to the '80's for single and triple swing, tango, waltz, cha cha, & rumba, all played at proper dance tempos. David Neill, leader of the band, notes that couples can easily dance to the music of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman and Benny Goodman featuring the Big Band sounds of sax, trumpet, trombone, piano and drums.

"There is nothing like dancing to live music.", proclaims Jeff Lander, who, with his dance partner Josephine Sarnelli, will be teaching a complimentary dance lesson at each of the dances. "It's our hope to build a strong dance community in the area, so people do not have to travel long distances to find a dance with a DJ, let alone a live band."

  • First half hour: Jo and Jeff teach a lesson.
  • followed by Open dancing.

 For more information David Neill or call 413-732-4137.

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