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Ballroom Dancing at the Masonic Lodge

at The Best Ballroom in Berkshire County

These dances have been cancelled

The building committee has decided not to go forward with our [first] Saturday dances. Can you please update the site to reflect that they have been canceled. Also there is no one that has been listed as a new contact for this thank you [Joel Miller]

This is a regal grand ballroom. Enjoy the finest ballroom in Berkshire county in style. The Masonic Temple Ballroom is a very large, 64 by 57, 1900's Ballroom in excellent condition - even the Ball and lights still work. It is beautiful. It's the kind of place that should always have dancers. Refreshments are included in the price of admission. Light refreshments will be provided. For more information Joel Miller or call Marty Myrick 413-446-2774.

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