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Pittsfield Ballroom Dance

Dancing will be to carefully selected and rated ballroom music at the First Baptist Church.? This is a beautiful hall (and a nice kitchen).? For insurances purposes, you'll need to sign a waver the first time you attend one of these. It's the world we live in.? Casual dress. We will have a lesson in Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha, Country Two Step, etc., at 7:30. (We need volunteers to teach a lesson at future dances.) We have a New Bose Professional Sound System (750 watt). For more information, Tom Trimarchi or call him at 413-822-1600. A nice selection of snacks is included in the price of admission.? Thanks to Eileen for arranging for this, the First Baptist Church Hall.? Click on our sponsor link for information on our other dances.

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