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Studio Practice Dance

This is a practice dance at Dan DeBenedetto's new studio Ballroom on Sunset to ballroom, swing, and Latin music. Participants will choose dance genres to work on by consensus. For each genera, several songs will be played consecutively in order to allow concentrating on one dance style for a period of time before switching to the next genre. This is not a group practice; what figures or routines you work on is up to you and your partner - yes, you should arrange to have a partner, unless you just want to practice your figures solo. This is an opportunity to practice figures you have already been taught, so you can improve your skill at your own pace. Call 518-869-0611, 518-505-7535 (cell), or Dan for more information

Ballroom on Sunset is a terrific new ballroom studio designed from the ground up by Dan DeBenedetto with his multi-decade experience in dancing, teaching, competitions, and his general contracting experience. This fabulous ballroom sports an ultra modern sound system, atmosphere control system, facilities, and the best of all possible dance floor designs. (more dances at this beautiful ballroom)

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