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Joey Thomas at the "Crooked Lake House"

  • Joey Thomas Supper Club dances
  • This dance is preceded by a free lesson and optional dinner at additional cost (more info).
This venue offers two adjacent dance floors, the Ballroom and the Great Room, each served by a cash bar. The ballroom is surrounded on three sides by tables with seating for 150 and a view of both the ballroom and the environs. Dancers may dance through the wide doorway, shown below, from room to room. The great room has been set up both without and with additional tables. Call 518-320-8776 for reservations; for more information.
Recently purchased by the Old Daley Inn Catering Company, the facility has been fully renovated and beautifully remodeled, including the air conditioning and heating systems. On the left is a picture looking through the Ballroom into the Great Room through the doorway; on the right is a picture inside the Great Room showing the doorway into the Ballroom on the left.
The Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake first opened in 1780 as The Crooked Lake House. With its natural field stone architecture, it is a classic hotel and restaurant. The facility is a place of historical significance. It had a beautiful ballroom, and its restaurant offered outstanding cuisine. In the 40's big bands, such as Glen Miller and Benny Goodman, played in the ballroom, and people traveled from all over to dance there. In their day the notorious Legs Diamond visited the hotel and restaurant, as did president Theodore Roosevelt.

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