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Ballroom Dances at Berkshire Hills Country Club

Dancing is at the Berkshire Hills Country Club (413-447-9429) to carefully selected and rated ballroom music. Our BOSE sound system is a modern state-of-the-art design engineered to fill a large room with an even volume. Unlike conventional older systems, there is much less difference in sound levels close to and far from the speakers. There will be Beginner-Beginner lessons from 5:00-6:00. The lessons are part of the Learn To Dance program and, as such, are targeted directly to beginners.?

  • Louise Giuliano will teach a series of monthly classes covering basic "Dance Elements".
  • These practical techniques can be used by beginners to advanced dancers.

A cash bar is available, and the kitchen is open for dinner until 6:00. "We are trying to have these dances every first Sunday. But, the club has first choice if a wedding, etc., can be booked." These dances are subject to preemption by the club if they do book a wedding, so double check before traveling long distances. For more information Tom Trimarchi or call him at 413-822-1600.

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