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Friday 9:00-10:30 Brattleboro VT corner of Main and Grove Streets Let's Dance & West Street Arts $5
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May 1
May 8
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May 22


Friday Ballroom or Latin at The Church

The dancing, all but the first Friday, will be mixed with a lot of Latin. What it actually means is that there will most likely be at least two Fridays a month that are Latin; the last Salsa Friday. Sorry to be so confusing. I wanted all Latin Fridays, but students wanted something more mixed. The first Friday is ballroom, and the last Friday is Latin. Complimentary refreshments are provided. Please bring soft-soled shoes to dance in. Dancing is preceded by lessons. For additional information Ray Warren or call 802 348-6671.

On the second Friday this dance is followed immediately by an Argentine Tango Milonga from 10:30 until midnight with a mixture of swing, neo-tango, and some traditional Argentine tango. Admission is $10. For additional information Jeanne-Marie or call 802-380-8777.

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