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Studio Social Dance Parties

Dancing is with lots of great dance music for all styles of ballroom and rhythm dances. Admission includes a lesson from 7:00-7:30. (Members get a discount.) We have a crystal clear Bose sound system! It's a great opportunity to practice all your dancing skills.  Free refreshments are provided, but feel free to bring additional refreshments, drinks, wine, champagne, etc. A parking lot is on Lincoln Avenue. Entry to the studio is at the back of the building. In the event that the parking lot is full, parking is free on Colvin Ave. If the dances at my studio ever need to be cancelled during the winter season because of bad weather, I will post a notice on facebook and will put the cancellation message on my voicemail greeting.  If you have any questions you can Michele Pare or call 518-542-5108.

  • December 22 - Annual Holiday Dance - Cocktail Attire

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