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Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 21:08:41 EST
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Did you send Susan a copy of your email?

And GOD too. Yes I am pissed!
Even stupidity does not justify Man Slaughter. People get just as dead. I have as little respect for stupidity as malice or greed.
I was a successful CEO for a dozen years and built multi million dollar companies from nothing for a reason - I read things for what they are, don't get detracted with a lot of bull shit or emotional drivel, I'm fair to people, I know smart people when I meet them, and I get things done.
And I meant what I said and implied.
A lot of people are working very hard to put something INTO the dance community.
Their (Rose & Harry's) stated goal is only to take something OUT OF the dance community.
It's that simple - black and white. And, they are willing to hurt the dance community to do it or are so stupid it hasn't dawned on them. Either way the community loses if we don't stop it. So I called it what it is!
I never have problems with people making money. Profit is a good thing. Provided it adds to the good of the community.
We are basically running as a money losing charitably organization, primarily funded by me, and with a lot of free help from a lot of people, for the sole purpose of building a dance community. No one is trying to suck money out of it.
Stupid or not these people are WAY OVER THE LINE.
They want to jump in, contribute nothing, and take something away - money for whatever their project is - good, bad or indifferent or some church or whatever.
I don't care if they want it for widows and orphans. They can run a bottle drive.
Their goal is not to grow the dance community so I don't want them messing it up!
I never spelled out every detail of the plan. Nor were they all known at the very beginning. I didn't know for sure if I could move the dance community in the right direction or not. Only that I'd try.
We've been more successful then I'd hoped. But then again its amazing how lucky you can get when you work hard.
Logic dictated that if we were successful, and we have been, that "WantABes" would pop up and want to run dances too. No way do we schedule around them - we shut them down as fast as possible.
And if the established others want to start up - no way - if they had the talent they'd have done it!
If you want the community to go backwards go back to the people that took it there.
Unless someone can come in a do a better job then what is there now, they only detract from the process.
There is no way these Johnny Come Lately wanabes are going to contribute anything positive.
We should even consider filling the Fridays that are open so you don't have other poor quality wantabes lowering the quality of the dances. It is standard business practice to buy buildings and leave them empty - just to maintain the quality of the market.
On the other hand, the intersection with a name brand gas station on every corner sells more gas then isolated stations. Hence, all the dances we support are growing.
And I am serious about getting ALBANY to come HERE and having weekly dances with 100 people. Albany is going down and unless someone with some management skills steps in they will keep going in the same direction - a simple law of physics.
Stomp, stomp, snort, snort, someone F... with the bull and got the horn and the bull is still pissed.
They needed a wake up call. I hope they got the message. If they didn't its up to the community to straighten them out or the community will suffer the consequences.