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I cannot thank you enough for keeping us up to date re ballroom dancing. We are from PA / New Jersey where ballroom dancing is a social EVENT every weekend -- Friday nite / Saturday nite / Sunday afternoon; also, Special Events throughout the year, such as a Thanksgiving Dance, Christmas Dance, New Years Dance, Easter Dance, etc. There are two large ballrooms (smaller ones as well) in that area where anywhere from 250 - 500 dance every weekend at either ballroom, and where live bands play with appropriate music, and accurate timing, for ballroom dancing. We moved to western MA, and readily learned that there was not a similar type of social event here. But, we would certainly be interested in such.

One thing we did enjoy in the PA / NJ, and DE, scene ... weekend dancing was an EVENT for which to dress. A minimum of dark suits, or more incl tails for men, a minimum of cocktail dresses, or more incl dance gowns for ladies -- every weekend. Dress was part of the evening of dance. They were EVENTS worth traveling an hour to, and spending 7 hours around tables for 12, situate around a large ballroom floor, in an atmosphere that lifted the evening of dance, and dancing, dancing, dancing. While we love ballroom dancing, and we would go every weekend, we also look for it to be an EVENT.

We did go to see HOT BALLROOM DANCING -- many times. Our town held it over for several weeks.

Thanks again.