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This website is devoted to ballroom dancing. We do not permit or accept commercial advertising of any kind; however, if you have a web page specifically oriented to ballroom dancing products or services, including opportunities to dance, act as a host, instruct, etc., please let us know what that specific web page URL is, and I will add a link to it. Such URL's must be provided at least a FULL MONTH prior to any dated events, services, or opportunities. Priority will be given to continuing opportunities, products, or services over "one-time" events. Including links to URLS in our links pages will be solely at our discretion. We will not link to a "parent" page or site that requires our visitors to search for relevant information.  Links will only be directly to pages that have immediate relevance to ballroom dancing.  We do not accept any commercial email promotions, so insure that our email address is not placed on any such list. Only contact us regarding the contents of our website and/or about your web pages that are SPECIFIC TO BALLROOM DANCE opportunities. Sites that do not comply with this will have their links removed.

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The maintenance of this site requires a lot of work in addition to such obvious expenses as internet service, domain registration and hosting, maintenance of the computers, software, and backups, as well as hours and hours of editing web pages, researching news, and other time consuming tasks.  more...

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