some ballroom dance music and videos

Universal Ballroom Music by Dance - a list of lists of ballroom dance music categorized by dance type
Bill's Picks from U. Penn's Music Collection - the best music from the University of Pennsylvania's Ballroom Dance Society's music collection.
Quickstep music information and sources
Ballroom & Swing Music Listing
The best DanceSport music
●   Qualiton Imports, Ltd. This is your source for the "BIMBOLANDIA" CD with the Cha-Cha song "Anna Dai Capelli Rossi" (106 REPLAY MUSIC 14212-Also on BIMBOLANDIA Vol. 3 614222)
Ballroom Dance Music Resource - Dance Plus
Ballroom Dance Music Each piece is listed with its tempo in measures per minute.
Music For Dancing (commercial services)
A1 Music & dance learn music theory, ear training; find ballroom dance partner, teacher, studio
Todo Tango Club (commercial subscription to remastered "lost" recordings of tango music on cd's) - non-commercial site with information on music for ballroom dancing by various categories.
BDS - Ballroom Music Search
MIT Ballroom Dance Team: DanceSport -- Music FAQ
DancePlus - Ontario Canada. (Most ballroom CD's here are $25.95.)
DJU: - Ballroom Dancing At Events - Song titles for DJ's arranged by dance
Salsa Crazy - Learn to dance Salsa DVD series
WRD Worldwide Music, Ltd - produces Ultimate Ballroom and Ultimate Latin double CD collections - London, UK
ASCAP Title search - Find the correct information on songs licensed by the Association of Composers and Performers.
BMI Title search - Find the correct information on songs licensed by Broadcast Music Incorporated
Dance And Listen Limited - Ballroom & Latin Dance Music - United Kingdom's foremost Strict Tempo Ballroom Dance Music producers
Helmut Licht - Musical Services, Etc. - music, videos, etc. Contains a list of good music CD's for ballroom dancing
Ballroom Dance Music - an extensive list of songs classified in multiple ways collected and organized by George Lindholm - Wedding songs for Father and Daughter dance - Wedding songs for Bride and Groom first dance
Forest Vance, seven time US dance champion, provides ballroom dance instructional videos and dance lessons. Free membership.

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