other dance info sources

USISTD - The official authoritative source for American ballroom dance competition, exams, figures, tempi, and teaching.
ISTD - "The" International Dance Examination Board standards for all competition and social dance competition and teachinrg.
NDCA - The National Dance Council of America has 17 Member Organizations encompassing more than 20,000 dance professionals.
Ballroom Dance Tempi in Measures per Minute as recommended by the National Dance Council of America, Inc.
Frequently Asked Questions about Lead and Follow
Bronze-Silver figure list (American style)
Quickstep figure list
The US Swing Dance Server
Lindy Hop in CT sponsored by Shoreline Swing
DanceNet On The Web - Swing Dancing in Boston
Old Songs - Contra dance, "Dedicated to Preserving Traditional Music & Dance"
Jeff Allen's quickstart books
www.ballroomdancers.com - a general purpose site featuring directories, ads, shopping, instruction, etc.
History of Dance - A brief history of ballroom, country, fad, flamenco, jazz and Latin dance, salsa, swing and western.
MASSABDA - The Massachusetts Amateur Ballroom Dance Association - covering the greater Boston, MA, area.
Dance Lovers USA - over 70 Videos and DVDs for social ballroom dancers of all levels
LearnToDance.com - free on-line lesson video clips, locator for dance studios, videos and DVDs, music, etc.
Upper Valley Swing Dance Network - Swing and ballroom calendar serving VT, NH, ME, RI, and eastern MA
Dancing Dance ballroom area - A list of links to other ballroom oriented sites.
Annual Viennese Waltz Balls - Reviews of balls with links, detailed information, including how to diagrams, about Viennese Waltz, and more!
Sonny Watson's Streetswing and Dance History Archives - West Coast Swing dance champion and judge - huge swing resource site
Jeannie Tucker Online - "If dancing is your passion, then teaching you is mine." National and local workshops.
Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing - book review with some chapters and sample pages and tips on line.
Dance Forums - Articles and discussion about salsa, swing, tango and ballroom dancing.
The Ballroom Dance Resource Has video clips of various steps.
Ballroom Dance Reviews - "We focus on ballroom dance lessons and reviews of DVD courses."
The History of Tango - An abstract story of Argentine Tango [The "Readers Digest" version].
To Tango - "A history of Argentine Tango" - the etymology of Tango - The most extensive information site I have found on ArgentineTango
Ballroom Dancing Info - "Learn How to Ballroom Dance" - a web only resource with tips, brief articles, links, and more.

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