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dance information and other event sources

? USISTD - The official authoritative source for American ballroom dance competition, exams, figures, tempi, and teaching.
? ISTD - "The" International Dance Examination Board standards for all competition and social dance competition and teachinrg.
? Ballroom Dance Tempi in Measures per Minute as recommended by the National Dance Council of America, Inc.
? Frequently Asked Questions about Lead and Follow
? Bronze-Silver figure list (American style)
? American Style Syllabus and Syllabus List
? Quickstep figure list
? Ballroom Dance Syllabi - Lists of Recognized Moves from ISTD, IDTA, and Roundalab
? "E-Z 30 Minute Dance Course" (on the big bands database)
? Letsdance Dance Promotion Company and DJ Service in Liverpool, NY
? Stardust Dance Productions - Dance weekend packages
? The US Swing Dance Server
? Lindy Hop in CT sponsored by Shoreline Swing
? DanceNet On The Web - Swing Dancing in Boston
? Old Songs - Contra dance, "Dedicated to Preserving Traditional Music & Dance"
? Fiddle and Dance at Ashokan - Jay & Molly's music and dance camps in the Catskills
? Jeff Allen's quickstart books
? - a general purpose site featuring directories, ads, shopping, instruction, etc.
? DancePros - events, classes, competitions, etc., at various Northeast locations.
? History of Dance - A brief history of ballroom, country, fad, flamenco, jazz and Latin dance, salsa, swing and western.
? MASSABDA - The Massachusetts Amateur Ballroom Dance Association - covering the greater Boston, MA, area.
? "Let's Dance" Cruises - Opportunities for dance oriented cruises and for gentlemen hosts
? Dancers at Sea - share your Ballroom Dancing enthusiasm on a memorable cruise
? Dance Lovers USA - over 70 Videos and DVDs for social ballroom dancers of all levels
? - free on-line lesson video clips, locator for dance studios, videos and DVDs, music, etc.
? Upper Valley Swing Dance Network - Swing and ballroom calendar serving VT, NH, ME, RI, and eastern MA
? Dancing Dance ballroom area - A list of links to other ballroom oriented sites.
? Dance Crazy - Bringing ballroom dancing to grade schools to provide children increased physical activity, self-esteem, and confidence.
? Ballroom Dance Company and BDC Promotions - Instruction, performances, and exhibitions in some MD, DC, and VA locations
? Annual Viennese Waltz Balls - Reviews of balls with links, detailed information, including how to diagrams, about Viennese Waltz, and more!
? "Let's Dance" Vacations - Ballroom Dance Travel & Vacations! Where in the world would you like to dance?
? Sonny Watson's Streetswing and Dance History Archives - West Coast Swing dance champion and judge - huge swing resource site
? Ballroom Vermont - Dance Camp for Grownups - a vacation camp for dancers in the Killington - Stratton southern Vermont region
? Word List: Styles of Dance - the names of nearly one hundred dances with a very brief description compiled by Stephen Chrisomalis.
? Jeannie Tucker Online - "If dancing is your passion, then teaching you is mine." National and local workshops.
? Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing - book review with some chapters and sample pages and tips on line.
? Dance at - combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory - Dance entry
? DSC - Dance Sport Comps - "Your Ultimate Guide to Dance Sport Competitions Worldwide!"
? Dance Forums - Articles and discussion about salsa, swing, tango and ballroom dancing.
? - Massachusetts dance directory and resource covering all related useful information in Massachusetts.
? The Ballroom Dance Resource Has video clips of various steps.
? For the Love of Ballroom - an Ontario Canada studio sponsoring, dances, dance cruises, workshops, etc.
? Beantown Camp - Annual Northeast Lindy Hop championship competition with week-long swing and related dance classes and parties near Boston MA