Leaders start with the left foot, followers with the right foot. For the basics, the follows performs the mirror image of the leader.

Slow: Triple step (one and two, three and four, five, six)
Moderate: Double step (one and, two and, three, four = toe, heel; toe, heel,? rock, back.)
Fast: Single step (step, step, rock back) step sizes need to be much smaller.

Some Popular Swing Steps
  • Basic
  • Turning basic
  • Underarm left turn
  • Underarm right turn
  • She goes, he goes
  • Back pass
  • Advanced back pass (with arm slide)
  • American spin
  • Elbow tuck and turn
  • Shoulder tuck and turn
  • Spin whip
  • Lariat
  • Turkish towel
  • Sliding door (Lindy footwork)

The Champion Strut was created by Marge and Gower Champion to accommodate shy people wanting to learn to dance.

Marge Champion is an active supporter of dance at Jacob's Pillow in Massachusetts.

Marge Champion

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