East Coast Swing and Jive

East Coast Swing comes in three speeds, each done with a different step sequence, but most moves can be done in all three styles.  The primary difference is in the number of steps or taps with the foot.

  1. Slow, or triple step swing, involves a six count beat with eight steps.  1, &, 2, 3, &, 4, 5, 6 = q, q, s, q, q, s, s, s
  2. Fast, or singles step swing, involves a six count beat with 4 steps.  1, 2, 3, 4 = s, s, q, q.
  3. Intermediate, or double step swing, is also a six count beat with a special two-beat on each foot move.  The pattern is Toe heel, Toe Heel, rock step.  All beats take the same time, but doing two beats with one foot, two beats with the other foot, and then one beat with each foot.
  4. Jive is essentially doing triple step swing to fast music with more bounce or up-and down motions.

The last two beats or steps of all styles is often referred to as "rock step" or "rock and replace", because one is rocking back (or sometimes forward) on one foot and then replacing the weight back on the other foot - left, right for leaders, and right, left for followers.

      Swing (slow)

  1. Closed position moves
    1. Basic (triple step)
    2. Rotating basic
    3. Release break (Astaire)
    4. Tuck-in turn (Astaire)
    5. Underarm right turn
    6. Underarm right, left
    7. Double underarm left
    8. Spin whip
    9. Back-to-back (Amy)
    10. Tuck & spin back to closed (Danny)
    11. Swivel (Pat)
    12. Points and Kicks
      1. with cross back
  2. Open position moves
    1. Underarm left turn
    2. She goes, he goes
    3. Sweethearts
    4. Spin whip
    5. Side-to-side (Amy)
    6. Arm slides (Amy)
    7. Double tuck-in turn (Astaire)
    8. Hitch kick (Astaire)*
    9. Advanced back-pass
    10. Banana Arms (Charlene)
  3. Handshake position moves
    1. Hand slide
    2. Gravity spin (Davenport)*
    3. Elbow tuck
    4. Shoulder tuck
    5. Two handed tuck
    6. Continuous tucks
    7. Shadow tuck with double turn
    8. Charlene's queue:
      1. Double take*
    9. 1/4 left with slow 270 right, twinkle, & turn rotating her
  4. Jitterbug & Jive
    (Medium & fast Swing)
    1. Basic (double/single step)
    2. Underarm right turn
    3. Underarm right, underarm left
    4. She goes, he goes
    5. Back pass
    6. Advanced back-pass
    7. Sweethearts
    8. Elbow tuck
    9. Tuck-in turn
    10. Continuous tucks.
    11. Back to Back

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