Dear Dancers,

Jim Apicella and I are planning another Consignment Sale, this time just in time for the winter holiday and party season! At previous sales, dancers have been able to pick up extraordinary bargains on dance shoes, clothes and accessories.

The event will be from noon until 4:00 pm on Saturday, December 10. Those who wish to sell items will need to contact me to get a Vendor ID number which has to be placed on each article for sale along with a price. Vendors will also need to submit a sheet with each item listed so that we can credit the correct amount. This is a great time to clean out that closet and get rid of things you have not worn in years! You will get 70% of the selling price. All Vendors will be responsible for picking up any remaining merchandise before 5 pm that day­or you can donate what is left to an urban youth ballroom team in North Carolina. This is the third year we have contributed dancewear and shoes to this team, and they have made great use of the donations!

For shoppers, the event is free so come and check out the merchandise before you go to the chain stores and struggle to find anything that is suitable for dancing!


Paul & Louise Giuliano
Albany Dancesport Club
48 Huron Street
Albany, NY 12203
518-482-6603 Home
518-470-4877 Louise Cell
518-813-0471 Paul Cell


Please join us September 8-11 2016 Raddison hotel wolf road Albany New York Www.upstatedancechallenge.com Benji Schwimmer ,John Lindo Patty vo and more!!!

 EDITORIAL  From: (Jul 25)

In an official announcement from USA Dance, inc., dated July 19, 2011, Lydia T. Scardina (president) wrote:

"USA Dance as a non-profit organization has always represented the best interests of competitors and social dancers across America. Our prevailing mission remains unaltered -- to increase and improve ballroom dancing opportunities throughout our country, and for all Americans."


"The good relationships our chapters have formed with their local dance professionals and studios are vitally important to our mission and we encourage our chapters to continue such good relationships. USA Dance welcomes this long-standing involvement with open arms, and we are grateful for the enrichment it brings to our dancers."

We support three local chapters of USA Dance in our area. Compliance with the above means not excluding certain local studios when announcing upcoming ballroom dances at chapter dances. Allowing personal feelings to interfere with the conduct of business generally ends up producing lose-lose results, whereas cooperation and mutual support leads to win-win results. Dancers who become aware of exclusionary behavior on the part of officials can become uncomfortable with participating in such venues. It spreads like cancer, creating more discomfort, avoidance, and even anger at perceived unfairness.

How do we dancers fix this? If you are a dancer at a chapter dance (or any other dance), and you notice an omission at such an announcement of other dances, immediately provide the announcer in question with the missing information -- if necessary, sufficiently loudly that he or she will either have to announce the inclusion or let you do it. Never let them get away with excluding other local ballroom dances when they make such announcements. Taking such action will create a "grass roots" dance culture that holds dance officials accountable to cooperate and support each others dances - thus realizing the USA Dance mission "to increase and improve ballroom dancing opportunities".

Thank you,
Ralph Kenyon

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