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Sunday August 19 06:15-10:00 Albany NY 225 Avenue Extension
July 15
August 19
September 16
October 21


USA Dance Chapter Ballroom Dance

At the Polish Community Center. Admission includes a lesson  from 6:15 to 7 with a different instructor every month (and munchies).  Demos as announced.   For more info call 518-469-9310. Dance Host program: Paid up members who volunteer to be a dance host at a monthly dance will be admitted free to that dance.  (Limit 2 per dance.)  For more information Jim DeForge or call 518-233-0957.

February 4: A special extra Cabin Fever Dance at the Women's Club.  (The data area above changes with the date.)

High School and Elementary School student admission is FREE!, College students pay only $5, Members pay only $10.

This rating system does not consider subjective factors or quality; it's only about time, cost, and space to dance - how it works.




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