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Rockefeller Dances

The Rockefeller Dances will strive to offer the very best dance environment, music, sound quality, and dance lessons. Dancing is at the Masonic Lodge to carefully selected and rated ballroom music.  This is a regal grand ballroom. Enjoy the finest ballroom in Berkshire county in style. The Masonic Temple Ballroom is a very large, 64 by 57, 1900's Ballroom in excellent condition - even the Ball and lights still work. It is beautiful. It's the kind of place that should have elegant couples dancing. While many people like to listen to bands, most experienced dancers would much prefer properly played recorded music - which is, no doubt, why the Albany black tie dance has an excellent DJ instead of a band. As such, The Rockefeller Dances will have recorded music played by The DJs Brain - compared to the very best dance bands in the world by some of the worlds very best dancers.  Our BOSE sound system is a modern state-of-the-art design engineered to fill a large room with an even volume. Unlike conventional older systems, there is much less difference in sound levels close to and far from the speakers. Admission includes a lesson by a guest teacher from 7:00 to 7:45. There is ample parking in the rear. For more information Susan Rockefeller or call her at 413-429-6846.

Holiday Dinner Dance - - Many of you have enjoyed the Dinner Dances at Crystal Cove. They are just delightful and Frank and Ruth always provide a Fabulous Meal.  Frank & Ruth have agreed to cater our Holiday Dance at the Masonic Hall on Saturday December 5. Reservations are required. Tickets are $35. (We added the Overtones!) Space is limited, so reserve early.

Sorry for the last minute change. We don't have a TIPS certified bar tender so no BYOB this time. Susan & I will try to get certified for future events. Please come VERY Hungry. There is Lots of food.
And, remember that 6:30 is appetizers - even if it looks like a meal. A full meal will follow. And, there will be deserts later in the evening. Tom & Susan thank you for your support.

The Jan 2 dance will be a free Pot Luck Dinner dance. Please bring something to share. We hope you all will make a donation ($5, $10, ...) to show the dance communities' appreciation for their efforts to maintain the Hall. ... Tom
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