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Check times. Latham NY 13 Sunset Drive LearnTaDance $10
January 23
February 5
February 19
February 27


Studio Ballroom Dance

Dancing is at Dan DeBenedetto's new studio Ballroom on Sunset from 8:00 to 10:30 to ballroom, swing, and Latin music. There will be a  group lesson from 7:15 to 8:00 included in the price of admission. The level of the lesson is tailored to those attending. There are also door prizes. For more information Ron Tritto or call 518-766-4027. 

Ballroom on Sunset is a terrific new ballroom studio designed from the ground up by Dan DeBenedetto with his multi-decade experience in dancing, teaching, competitions, and his general contracting experience.  This fabulous ballroom sports an ultra modern sound system, atmosphere control system, facilities, and the best of all possible dance floor designs.   (more dances at this beautiful ballroom)

This rating system does not consider subjective factors or quality; it's only about time, cost, and space to dance - how it works.




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