Note: the ratings for this site are not as straightforward as other sites, because the dance area is broken down into three smaller rooms, 640, 670, and 808 square feet, playing different styles, and people wander from room to room. The overall attendance was 66, and, due to the movement and clustering, the dancability many vary from room to room. The division into styles was not exclusive, as CD players are set on random and left unattended unless dance studio personnel are given requests. Music is interrupted to announce that a lesson is beginning in another room and turned off in other rooms during demonstrations (about 20 min). The largest room was devoted to Latin, and the smallest to "ballroom". When we arrived, there was a Rumba playing in the ballroom room.? That was followed by a period of exclusively waltz.? Later the play was swing and hustle.? Quicksteps were played when requested, but the room was too cramped for quickstep.? We did not notice a? foxtrot played, so we did a fast foxtrot to a slow swing.? Brief glimpses of the other two rooms suggested that they were more true to the advertised venue. Available dance partners included the studio instructor staff.?

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Saturday 7:30-10:30 Albany NY 69 Fuller Road Lorraine Michaels Dance Centre $5

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Second Saturday Swing Dance

That is three hours of dancing in three different rooms. One room is ballroom, one room is swing and hustle; and one room is Latin. Refreshments are provided - and very tasty at that. There are three 20 minute lessons spread throughout the night as well. Don't miss out, it changes monthly! ?Call 518-459-2623 or the studio for more information!

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