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Monday July 8 08:00-11:00 Troy NY 33 2nd Street Kevin Magee $10
June 17
June 18
June 19
June 24


We're at Daisy Baker's

Monday Argentine Tango. Join us to practice all of your amazing tango. Join your friends and local tango dancers for a rousing good time. Hang out. Try something new. Meet someone new. Work out those gnarly tango kinks. Music by DJango.
For more information Kevin Magee or call 518-266-9612.
Tuesday West Coast Swing every other week. Includes a lesson and dancing.
For more information Lyoni Fisher or call 518-441-4598.
Wednesday Lindy Hop or Charleston, and a lesson by Jason Fenton, covering beginner to intermediate Lindy Hop or Charleston, begins around 8:30.
For more information Jason Fenton or call 518-237-5637.

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