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Monday June 17 08:00-11:00 Troy NY 33 2nd Street Kevin Magee $10
May 6
May 7
May 8
May 13



We're at Daisy Baker's

Monday Argentine Tango. Join us to practice all of your amazing tango. Join your friends and local tango dancers for a rousing good time. Hang out. Try something new. Meet someone new. Work out those gnarly tango kinks. Music by DJango. 
For more information Kevin Magee or call 518-266-9612.
Tuesday West Coast Swing every other week. Includes a lesson and dancing.
For more information Lyoni Fisher or call 518-441-4598.
Wednesday Lindy Hop or Charleston, and a lesson by Jason Fenton, covering beginner to intermediate Lindy Hop or Charleston, begins around 8:30.
For more information Jason Fenton or call 518-237-5637.


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