* Membership Dues per year per couple $12.00

This may be the last of "THE AFTER FIVE TEA DANCE CLUB" as its been almost 15 years since my wife Doris and I have been Club Presidents and we think its time for some new people to come aboard. I've been trying to get someone to take over but it seems no one wants the responsibility or work that it entails. With new people maybe they could have some bigger and better ideas to help bring the dancing interest back to the club. We sure have tried but the numbers are getting smaller at each dance . Even with the best bands and a large floor. I think we have too much competition in the Springfield area. There is a group from the Berkshires that make it to most of our dances and we love them all and hope they make it to the rest of them.?

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day time city click for map sponsor price per couple
7:30 Agawam 176 Gardens Street After Five Tea Dance Club Guests:?$15 Members *
at door:?$14, in?advance:?$12
No new schedule
Shaker Farms dance

?dance to live bands until 11:30?

At The Springfield Turnverein, Feeding Hills, MA

Dress code: Suit and tie for the men and proper dress for the lades.

Sorry, but we admit couples only to these dances.

Try us and bring your friends, you'll see there are still some good places to go ballroom dancing. This is a non profit club we need your support.

Call 413-783-2423 for more info. .

The After Five Tea Dance Club has been around since 1947. It's an all volunteer effort. In the beginning it was $1.25 per dance.? Of course as the times changed prices have also.? We are now up to $12.00 for member couples. Back in the '50's there was a limit of 250 couples with a waiting list of about a year, and any new couples had to have been sponsored. Dances have been held in so many places. As I'm sure your aware, Ballroom Dancers don't drink that much, and it doesn't take long for the welcome wagon to go. We found a new home about 10 years ago and are so pleased with the SPRINGFIELD TURNVEREIN in Agawam, Ma. We can fit over 125 couples, but as a rule we average about 50 to 70 couples. The name of the dance is have fun and enjoy. Anyone that wants to learn a step, someone is always there to help. Join us and have a great night of dancing and meet some wonderful people.? Richard Provost, President
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