Use this template to insure you have provided all information

day times city ST click for map sponsor price
day of week
start and end times. If the dance includes a "free" lesson, that time should be included.
7:30-8:30 - lesson; 8:30-11:00 dance.
city state actual street address
13 Sunset Drive
insert name of sponsor
may include sponsor's website
cost of dance only
$10, Students $5
insert dates here
format: month (spelled out) and day

January 20
February 17


Note: This information should be generic and suitable for the series of recurring dances.

Include a description of the dance, additional information (refreshments, demonstrations, etc.), special instructions, contact information (include address and a telephone number), etc.  Do not include promotions or advertisements for other events not included in the admission price of the dance. Lessons prior to the dance that are included in the price of the dance may be listed in the description, but not if there is a separate price for the dance without the lessons. Use complete sentences and proper punctuation. Minimize the use of abbreviations. Do not duplicate information appearing elsewhere on the page in the description. No advertisements or promotions are permitted for anything that is not included in the price of admission to the dance other than the availability a cash bar or equivalent. 

Special one-time announcements or changes may be edited in and out later, but such changes should be special event exceptions, as we serve over 120 venues with 400 or more dances, so we cannot be editing every dance for every venue.






hours of lessons hours of dancing standard admission size of dance floor in square feet excluding any tables or seating average attendance
These two must add up to the difference
between the start and end times above.
admission without any
discount applied
This measures only the area available for actual dancing. It should not include foyer, tables, seating, or any areas which cannot be comfortably danced in. You may estimate for a first time dance.
example: .5 example: 2.5 example: $10 example: 1250 example: 36

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