Monday Evening starts July 31
7:00 Rumba
Silver 120 4 Week Session
  • This Course Is Not For Beginners. It Should Be Taken By Individuals Who Have Completed a Bronze Level Class.
  • You must contact Dan to preregister for the class.
  • Cost is $90.00 per person for 4 weeks, paid on or before the first lesson. Per class cost is $30.00.
  • You are expected to be present for all classes.

at the Ukrainian Hall in Cohoes.

6:00 Swing
Beginner 45 $5.00
  • Come learn the basics, review technique, and learn new dances. 
  • Taught by Dan DeBenedetto, Andrew Brown, or Rita Russell.
schedule 7:00 Same as above Open 30 included with the dance
  • This is a great opportunity to pick up the basics, some technique, and possibly a small routine. 
  • While it is usually taught by Dan DeBenedetto, it may be taught by a guest instructor. 
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