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Sunday December 31 08:30-12:30 SunderlandMA112 North Main Street, Route 47Blue Heron Restauranttbd
December 31


Dancing to the Live Music of The O-Tones

 Oops - there goes my cloak of invisibility.
  • The O-Tones
    • A hot Swing and Motown band from Massachusetts.
    • Songs are well-loved, coming from many different eras.
    • They love the music they play and it shows.

    Their diverse repertoire as a dance band showcases powerful vocal harmonies, a driving rhythm section, soulful tenor sax, blazing guitar solos, and funky keyboard. The older generation feels nostalgic while the younger crowd comes alive hearing the compelling rhythm and melodies. Some of the band members are dancers; they really understand the groove.

  • For more information or call Kendra at 413-665-2012.
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